There is increasing pressure on the public and private sector from consumers, staff, and investors, to demonstrate that organizations are minimising their negative social and environmental impacts and aligning to environmental and ethical standards. 

Operations and supply chain represent the largest sources of an organization’s impacts, deeming these the most crucial aspects for an organization to review first.

To credibly deliver on sustainability objectives, they need to manage their suppliers through procurement and supply chain by utilizing the right methodology and set of tools, fast and effectively.

The most effective way for an organization to improve its environmental impact is through their supply chain, therefore it is key to have the best combination of knowledge of sustainability measures and supply chain management.  

Our Approach

Efficio is uniquely positioned to support clients to do this, starting from the initial phase of identifying the potential sustainability improvement opportunities throughout the organization, to delivering and ensuring the improvement is sustainable. 

In order to accomplish this, we work hand in hand with our clients to:

  • Run a sustainability assessment to map sustainability risks in the supply chain and identify improvement potential in how the procurement organization is involved and equipped to deliver on environmental and social goals
  • Deliver on opportunities identified across sourcing categories and unlock the potential of the procurement organization to drive sustainability performance in the organization
  • Roll out managed services and our technology suite to ensure continuous improvement throughout the supply chain in the medium to long term

Our approach is flexible and adapted to each of our clients – we deliver this as a unique service and can also combine it to savings opportunity assessments and delivery initiatives.

Most sustainability goals cite objectives that can only be delivered with a best-in-class supply chain in place. However, without a proficient procurement organization involved at the right time, the right level; and equipped with the right tools, these goals can not be delivered to their full potential.

The best way to become a best in class organization in sustainability is therefore to involve procurement in the development of these objectives, with c-suite endorsement, and thereafter measuring the organization on the actual delivery of those goals.

Typical Results

Efficio unlocks the full sustainability potential of your organization and your supply chain using detailed assessment tools and unrivalled procurement know-how.

Through our methodology and our technology, we help our clients deliver on some of their key objectives such as:

Mitigating reputational risk in their supply chain

  • Damages from a lack of visibility can be sudden and severe, making it very difficult to recover from. This is mitigated by increasing visibility throughout the tiers of the supply chain

Reducing their Carbon footprint (and other resource use)

  • Introducing Carbon footprint as a metric in category strategies and sourcing exercises provides your organization with concrete results

Retain and increase their customer base 

  • By performing well in sustainability, your existing revenue is protected from the threats of reputational risk and is instead positioned to benefit from the potential revenue increases that can be achieved with the engagement of sustainability conscious consumers, staff and investors