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Strategic Procurement Solution Experts | Efficio US

Who we are

Efficio is the world’s largest procurement consultancy operating across ten offices in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

We help organizations reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill their procurement teams so that they can realize cost savings faster. We aim to ensure savings are measurable and sustainable – delivering greater value for your business over the longer term. 

Our key differentiator is eFlow, a proprietary procurement technology and knowledge platform built and deployed by practitioners. eFlow automates data insight generation, supports savings delivery, facilitates strong supplier partnerships and manages supply chain risk by enabling our clients to leverage a wealth of procurement intelligence and best practice on demand.

This data and knowledge has been accumulated by our consultants over 18 years and through billions of dollars of addressed spend. They have worked with hundreds of large and mid-sized global organizations from across the private and public sector over many years. We draw on this extraordinary pool of knowledge and content to benchmark and ultimately transform your organization’s procurement capabilities. 

We aim to make procurement functions twice as effective, enabling them to deliver more with their own teams and become high-value generating functions for their businesses. The results are greater cost savings delivered faster and more sustainably, allowing your organization to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively.

How we work

We support our clients through a range of deployment models, tailoring our solution to your individual needs. Move your mouse over the panel for more details.

Integrated Technology Platform

Efficio uses eFlow, our proprietary technology platform to enhance our delivery capability for clients. eFlow has been designed by procurement professionals for procurement professionals. It changes the traditional linear sourcing and category management process to a repeatable, more cyclical procurement lifecycle, which addresses all elements of the procurement process

Our teams use eFlow because it brings efficiencies during every engagement. We can also provide it on an ongoing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis to support longer-term value creation.

Opportunity Assessment

A typical starting point is a four to eight-week opportunity assessment. These assessments can be mobilized quickly, supporting a swift and practical approach to identifying savings opportunities.

Based on our findings, you can decide whether to explore a broader collaboration opportunity or a more focused approach, for example category-specific support or spend analytics.

We can also benchmark your procurement function across a range of dimensions to assess effectiveness and identify areas for further development. Through our Procurement Engine service, we can support your existing team through access to our people, knowledge and technology.

Procurement Consulting

We work in partnership with your procurement team to deliver savings and drive value through structured procurement programs.

By using a mix of co-working, training and technology implementation, we share our global knowledge, best practices and tools with our client teams.

Our aim is to improve the speed and quality of your procurement capability through access to better data, improved sourcing approaches, and the use of technology-enabled solutions to drive efficiencies. At the same time, we enhance the overall effectiveness of your procurement team, which is crucial to long-term self-sufficiency and savings sustainability.

We deliver notable ROI savings in minimal time through measurable and sustainable cost reductions. Our fee structure is linked to results, demonstrating the enormous confidence we have in our approach.

Managed Services

Our deployment model is highly flexible, typically ranging from six-month consulting projects to multi-year Procurement Engine managed services.

Our Procurement Engine involves us working alongside your in-house procurement team to implement and sustain tangible procurement benefits over time. Through our Procurement Engine model, your team will benefit from advanced analysis, category expertise and a repository of rich content and data.

We focus on driving long-lasting benefits by helping you to continue the process of identifying substantial and measurable cost-reduction opportunities, generating improved levels of compliance and sustainability, and uplifting your procurement function.

Our difference

Efficio differentiates itself in the market in five ways:

1. Unparalleled expertise

We are a specialist procurement business that has built up significant knowledge and expertise in all aspects of procurement costs over many years – from direct and indirect spend categories to capital expenditure – across a range of sectors and geographies.

2. People, knowledge, technology

Our Procurement Engine deployment model gives you access to the on-demand expertise and know-how of our 400+ consultants, in combination with our proprietary procurement technology platform eFlow. Our technology is built and deployed by practitioners who fully understand the needs and challenges you face.

3. Working together in partnership

We don’t just advise, we work with you to deliver results, recognizing that you want to see measurable and sustainable ROI savings quickly.

4. Paid on results

Our fees are directly linked to the results we achieve, demonstrating the enormous confidence we have in our expertise and delivery capability. 

5. An eye on the future

Our dual focus on financial results and the transfer and build-up of knowledge and capability within your procurement team is key to long-term self-sufficiency and savings sustainability.

Where we work

We are an international firm and work for clients across multiple geographies. Our team comprises over 40 nationalities, and our people are routinely deployed across the globe. We are particularly strong at cross-border execution.


We are frequently recognized for the quality and impact of our work.