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Strategic Procurement Solution Experts | Efficio US

Who we are

Efficio is the world’s largest procurement consultancy operating across ten offices in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

We help organizations reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill their procurement teams so that they can realize cost savings faster. We aim to ensure savings are measurable and sustainable – delivering greater value for your business over the longer term. 

Our key differentiator is eFlow, a proprietary procurement technology and knowledge platform built and deployed by practitioners. eFlow automates data insight generation, supports savings delivery, facilitates strong supplier partnerships and manages supply chain risk by enabling our clients to leverage a wealth of procurement intelligence and best practice on demand.

This data and knowledge has been accumulated by our consultants over 18 years and through billions of dollars of addressed spend. They have worked with hundreds of large and mid-sized global organizations from across the private and public sector over many years. We draw on this extraordinary pool of knowledge and content to benchmark and ultimately transform your organization’s procurement capabilities. 

We aim to make procurement functions twice as effective, enabling them to deliver more with their own teams and become high-value generating functions for their businesses. The results are greater cost savings delivered faster and more sustainably, allowing your organization to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively.


We help you to rapidly identify cost-saving opportunities, deliver higher savings, ensure savings are sustained, and upskill your team to continue delivering

Uncover cost-saving opportunities faster, for any business, at any point in time

We deliver higher savings, providing maximum value and ROI on our fees

Mitigate erosion of savings by managing implementation and supplier performance. Continued focus on identifying, delivering and sustaining additional savings

Our Difference

We give you your own eFlow solution to make your team more effective

eFlow is your collaborative platform to identify, deliver and sustain cost savings across the procurement lifecycle. eFlow embeds Efficio’s knowledge and experience into your procurement operation to transform the way you work.

It accelerates knowledge exchange, rapidly improves processes and delivers a step change in procurement performance over time.


Efficio’s team expertise is built-in to give you a significant head start


Leverages insights from 500+ projects using data from $billions of sourcing events


Procurement Apps built by experts, customized with your content and integrated in your ecosystem

Efficio have the full spectrum of expertise to be the perfect partner to take your team to the next level. This expertise can be delivered in whatever shape best fits your current organizational needs

  • Category experts

    Ready to provide their guidance to quickly upskill your teams in new areas

  • Data science experts

    Ready to help your team take on your data challenges in procurement

  • Knowledge and research team

    Leverage a team built over 20 years of procurement experience

  • Efficio Academy

    World-class training and development program to upskill your procurement team

  • Procurement organization

    Ready to help you design the procurement department you want to become

  • Delivery

    400 procurement consultants ready to add an initial boost to your team

By joining the eFlow platform, you get access to experience from 500+ projects over two decades across multiple sectors and geographies, totalling $billions of sourcing.

  • Organization benchmarking

    Understand whether your organization is within industry and geography benchmarks

  • Category profiling

    Leverage Efficio’s past experience to understand what’s possible and to prioritize the best return on your procurement investment

  • Category benchmarks

    Understand how your current situation measure up across your sector and geography to find specific areas to address

  • Category guides

    Get a boost by leveraging Efficio’s extensive experience in how to address your main categories

  • Best-in-class templates

    Why start from scratch? Efficio has a library of examples that can be leveraged from within the platform

  • Supplier information

    Do all your initiatives start with “googling”? End that today

Our technology, built by experts and deployed on all our projects, transforms our expertise and insights into a seamless, shared resource. Customize eFlow with your content and integrate into your ecosystem.

  • Initiative portfolio management

    Take control of the work within your procurement department, from ideas to savings delivery

  • Category planning and guidance

    As a category manager, take control of what happens within your category. Use our technology to distribute guidance across your department

  • Sourcing automation

    Accelerate your RFX process by automating complex data analysis, enabling greater optimization of bids

  • Savings tracking

    Monitor delivery of savings to ensure that prices and promises are complied with

  • Collaborate with Efficio experts

    Our technology allows you request and receive help from the variety of experts

  • Procurement basics

    For clients looking to take a pragmatic step within spend analytics, contract management, supplier onboarding or supplier performance

Where we work

We are an international firm and work for clients across multiple geographies. Our team comprises over 40 nationalities, and our people are routinely deployed across the globe. We are particularly strong at cross-border execution.

Our Clients

Efficio is proud to work with an impressive list of clients. Our clients cover many industries and geographies and range from blue chip multinationals to mid-sized Private Equity-owned businesses.


We are frequently recognized for the quality and impact of our work.