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Ian BolgerVice President

Ian is an experienced senior procurement consultant and CPO with a track record of identifying and delivering transformational change in a wide range of businesses, across all areas of third-party expenditure.

Main areas of practice

Ian concentrates on functional transformation, team leadership, executive alignment and management, strategy definition, commercial strategy, negotiation strategy and execution especially in complex procurement transformation, managed services and sourcing programs.


Ian has been associated with Efficio for eight years: three as a representative of a major client supported by Efficio, and five years as a Principal. Ian is a 2:1 graduate in Modern History from the University of Nottingham. He has over 25 years' experience in procurement and general management, including CPO and executive director roles, leading transformational change in the UK, US and Europe. His multi-sector experience includes both Capex and Opex in Utilities, Heavy Building Materials, FMCG and Oil.

Significant experience

  • Procurement Improvement - major port operator. Transformed team capablity and introduced new processes; restructured its annual supply chain to enable growth and innovation stratregy
  • Procurement Strategy - major Middle-Eastern government: Identifying procurement improvement opportunities across 15 top private sector companies and drafting new laws and strategies to increase GDP by reducing imports and increasing SME capacity and capability
  • New Capital Strategy - major UK infrastructure client: Implemented 26 projects over a two-year period, supported by organisation and process transformation
  • Supply Chain Transformation - major UK water utility: Reduced Capex construction costs by £900 million (24.3% like-for-like) over five year £4 billion capital programme. Reduced annual Opex spend by 22.2% like-for-like. A complete functional transformation
  • Achieving Acquisition Synergies - construction materials: Led post-acquisition review for new owners, identifying over £40 million savings
  • Modern Procurement Practice - construction materials: Structured, recruited and managed new Procurement teams in UK, USA, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Israel and Ireland. Drove complex reorganisation of 17 separate companies into single process-oriented new structure with centralised services


  • Named a 'Pro to Know', Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2016 Awards
  • Winner of both the Outstanding Participant and Best Project Awards on CEMEX MBA program at INSEAD and Standford Business School (2006)
  • Winner of the 2010 CIPS Senior Management Professional of the Year, Thames Water
  • Winner of the 2011 Procurement Leaders Innovation award, Thames Water
  • Winner of the 2011 National Outsourcing Associations Awards - Best Project and Best New Model, Thames Water

Other expertise

Ian has significant experience in large scale capital construction procurement transformation, contracting strategy, outsourcing, capital contract forms, risk and mitigation strategies.

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