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Paul Ekins OBE
Professor of Energy and Environment Policy 

"By assessing and screening suppliers, Procurement can be  instrumental to the reduction of Scope 3 emissions.”

With decades of experience understanding the tensions between economic growth and environmental sustainability, Professor Ekins shares his insights on how climate change is likely to affect our lives in the coming years and which actions businesses, governments and individuals can take to mitigate its impact.

Dr Nick Watts
Chief Sustainability Officer

"We are decarbonising the fifth largest organisation in the world."

As the link between climate change and human health becomes increasingly obvious, Dr Nick Watts is focussed on driving the NHS's overarching goal to provide high quality care for all – now and for future generations – through building up the resilience of the NHS, its supply chain, and the wider healthcare system.

The NHS is the publicly funded healthcare system in the UK and ranks as the second largest single-payer healthcare system in the world.

Chris Johns
Chief Financial Officer
Yorkshire Water

"You have to keep prompting people to think about the other considerations outside of cost. It is important to encourage people to think differently.”

Yorkshire Water is a major UK water supply and treatment utility company servicing over 2 million households and 130,000 businesses. Under Chris Johns, Yorkshire Water has put Procurement at the heart of its decision-making. Johns moved the procurement function from operations to sit within the finance function, with the view to better align it with the wider organisation’s objectives.

Now, Procurement is instrumental in delivering Yorkshire Water’s business strategy, with the means to drive efficiency and deliver the best outcomes for the business and the environment in which it operates. But, like many organisations, Yorkshire Water is faced with harsh market conditions and cost pressures.

Rachel Dolan
Head of Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management
Permanent TSB

“Leadership teams and stakeholders are now recognising the value-add of Procurement. As a result, we are seeing the Procurement function increasingly involved in the key strategic initiatives of the business.”

Permanent TSB Group is a provider of financial services for individuals and businesses in Ireland. Over the past eight years, Rachel Dolan has transformed Procurement at Permanent TSB into one of the bank’s key strategic functions.

Touching upon the firm’s ESG priorities and Irish market-specific challenges, Rachel discusses the role of Procurement in advancing the organisation-wide sustainability agenda.

Thomas Udesen
Chief Procurement Officer

"The mindset of the one million procurement professionals worldwide needs to shift. If you change the million, you save the planet. It is that simple."

Bayer is a world leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology company headquartered in Germany, with a global reach. With 20 years’ experience in procurement, Thomas Udesen is well-versed in the wide-ranging challenges of delivering a sustainable supply chain.

Bayer has founded two industry initiatives – the “Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative” (PSCI) and “Together for Sustainability” (TfS) – which encourage collaboration across businesses to drive awareness on responsible sourcing practices. Udesen is also a co-founder of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge.

Henrik Nilsen
Head of Procurement Excellence

"Procurement was not on the agenda when we started this transformation journey to centralise the unit. Today, it is one of the organisation’s key strategic pillars."

Topdanmark is a leading insurance company based in Denmark.

With more than 14 years of experience in procurement, Henrik Nilsen shares his perspective on the importance of Procurement to achieve strategic goals and predicts that ESG will continue to take up more space on the boardroom agenda. 

Jessica Bederoff Stenvad
Sustainability Manager
Nordic Capital

"The key focus of procurement teams is to drive total cost optimisations while still living up to the organisation’s core values and creating resilience in the supply chain."

Jessica Bederoff Stenvad is an expert in integrating sustainability into business strategy at private equity firm Nordic Capital.

Discussing her work, she shares some insights into how a private equity firm can take an active role in driving the ESG agenda among its portfolio companies.