Procurement Effectiveness Benchmark

How does your firm's procurement measure up?

Would you like to know how your procurement function compares with other leading organisations? Would you like a unique opportunity to benchmark your performance with a view of what good looks like and what areas to focus to improve?


The evolution to future-proof procurement

The procurement landscape is changing – primarily driven by market and economic dynamics, technological advancements and new ways of working. The challenge is further enhanced by evolving aspirations of procurement professionals, changing business expectations and the need for procurement to ‘partner’ with business.

In such a scenario, a traditional procurement operating model focused on incremental improvements won’t work. The models that will work will be ones that are ‘future-fit’ - providing for equal focus on current priorities along with what the key requirements will be for future value delivery from procurement. Setting up such a procurement function requires not only a thorough review of the current landscape and an assessment of the gaps that exist, but also clarity on the future expectations from procurement and the measure of success.

Why should I take part?

Taking part in the study will enable you to benchmark your current state and identify the improvements required for higher effectiveness of your organisation's procurement function. It’s free to participate and will equip you with some insightful analysis and key focus areas for change.


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