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Procurement 2025: Is digital transformation driving more effective procurement?

Efficio’s major research study developed in co-operation with Cranfield University. 

The survey examines how 225 senior procurement professionals from across the globe view the digital procurement landscape and its impact on their organisation.

It explores the extent to which procurement leaders across geographies are reconsidering their approach to procurement due to the emergence of digital technologies, the impact this is having on their organisations and the key barriers to successful digital transformation.

Key findings include:

  • Companies believe that a key benefit of technology is allowing more data-driven decision-making in procurement
  • The biggest barriers to harnessing the power of technology is a lack of talent and low levels of supplier support in ensuring new technology and solutions work
  • Rather than investing in new technologies, companies want to make better use of existing technologies

Our study includes interviews with senior procurement professionals, case studies, and practical tips on tackling the digital transformation challenge in procurement – including making the shift to data-driven decision-making.



Launch event highlights

Play the video to watch some highlights from the launch event, which took place at Efficio HQ in London with senior procurement and industry professionals.

Full panel debate video

Watch the full panel debate from the launch event of our global survey 'Procurement 2025: is digital transformation driving more effective procurement?'.

Watch the full panel debate

Webinar: is digital transformation driving more effective procurement?

If you’re a procurement leader interested in how technology can make your business significantly more effective, this webinar is for you.

Watch the webinar

Workshop: planning your digital transformation of procurement

This interactive workshop will cut through the marketing hype and deliver Efficio’s practical advice on taking the first steps in transforming your procurement function.

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What does your journey towards a digital business look like?

Find it out with Efficio's digital assessment service

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Quantifying the value of technology within procurement

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Achieving the five-year digital transformation vision

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Digital procurement: an overview of geographical differences
Digital procurement: an overview of geographical differences

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