Robyn Loubser

Senior Manager

Robyn Loubser - Efficio Consulting

Career background 

I joined Efficio as a Business Analyst in September 2015, shortly after graduating from Cambridge with a degree in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering (MEng). As a consultant, I worked on a variety of projects across multiple industries, including financial services, technology and utilities, spending time in different parts of the UK and Canada. In the summer of 2018, an opportunity arose to join our Efficio Academy team to help develop and formalise our client training offering, and I’ve been working in the team ever since  , recently being promoted to a Manager. 

My role

As a Manager in the Efficio Academy, I help our clients solve their upskilling needs by designing a suitable training programme, custom-made to their requirements. The modules can cover anything from technical procurement skills to softer business skills; the audience can range from purely the procurement team to include the wider stakeholder community; delivery of the training can be completed locally or globally; and to maximise effectiveness of the programme, often incorporates a combination of classroom training, Review & Reflect Clinics and eLearning  . Management of the delivery of these programmes comprises the customisation of the material to the client, identification of suitable trainers from our consultant pool and then if suitable, delivery of the training material to the client alongside my colleagues.

Sustainability of the learnings and the long-term impact for the client are incredibly important to the Efficio Academy and hence why we include not just classroom training in our programmes, but also Review & Reflect Clinics and eLearning. I’ve been involved in the upgrade of our eLearning modules for both internal and external use, prioritising modules to be created, reviewing drafts as these are created by Efficio consultants, and brainstorming how to make engaging, impactful and content-rich modules. 

Another key part of my role is delivering trainings internally, especially to Efficio’s new joiners on the Strategic Sourcing methodology. 

What I like about Efficio

Efficio is a fantastic company to be a part of and for me this is due to two main reasons - the people and the entrepreneurial spirit. Efficio attracts exceptionally smart, friendly and international individuals, fostering a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. As we’ve grown from a small company, it’s managed to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit which I think is very rare in a company our size.


I try to do as much cooking and baking as possible (something that has been easier during lockdown, when able to find the ingredients) but in order to counteract this, I also try to exercise regularly and particularly enjoy Psycle and Soul Cycle for maximum calorie burning!   

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