Lucie Kousova

Senior Analytics Manager

Lucie Kousova - Efficio Consulting

Career background 

My career in consulting started back in 2007, when I joined Ernst & Young’s Business Advisory Services team in their Prague office. Two years later, having identified an interest in procurement and supply chain, I was actively looking for opportunities that would allow me to explore these areas further, which is what brought me to Efficio and London, where I have been happily working ever since.

My role

I currently work as a Senior Manager in Efficio’s Digital Delivery team in London. Me and the team act as an interface between the consulting teams and client end-users on one end and our engineering and product teams on the other. We support our clients with implementation of procurement-related technology, that enables them to work more effectively and efficiently, and feed insights on problems that still need addressing though tech back to our engineering teams. Being able to sit on the crossroad where procurement meets technology allows me to put my 10+ years of procurement consulting to good use while learning a lot on the technology side in my daily job.

As alluded to, prior to joining Efficio Digital Delivery, I worked on the consulting side of procurement both on sourcing projects as well as in a managed procurement services environment. My favourite industries are Pharma/Healthcare and Waste, while the most exciting project of my consulting career was in the Financial Services sector, where I led one of the teams helping to build up a full contractual landscape for a large bank from scratch.

What I like about Efficio

It is the variety of projects, tasks and activities, and how Efficio encourages individuals to use initiative and be pro-active about where their career takes them, that I find very motivating.

I feel that the various stages of my career within Efficio nicely echo the development of the company and even more broadly the procurement consulting industry as a whole over time. From my personal perspective, I have had three distinctly different careers here: Part 1 – learn everything about strategic sourcing in various industries. Part 2 – learn all facets of procurement and supply chain in a long-term MPS setup, with particular focus on “sustain” post-contract phase of the procurement life-cycle. Part 3 – take it all digital…


At work, I have three obvious hobbies: Spend Cubes, eFlow and Procurement Methodology Training, in no particular order. Outside of work, like most people, I enjoy sports (currently mainly weight training), food (both cooking and eating), good books and travel.

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