Jennifer Karger


Jennifer Karger

Career background 

In 2018 I joined Efficio's Dusseldorf office after having worked for another consultancy for around four years. During this time, I did my part-time MBA at Imperial in London. 

Before moving into consulting, I held several industry positions including a Head of Purchasing and Logistics role at a mechanical engineering company. This “real life” experience is very useful at Efficio.

My role

I’m a Principal which means that I lead several projects usually in the Manufacturing industry due to my background. As I still enjoy the “daily work” in purchasing, I regularly execute negotiations on my own which are part of our longer-term projects. As well as this, I support business development (e.g. writing proposals or articles, delivering presentations during client events, presenting Efficio to potential clients etc.). Although, there is much more behind this than project or client work. 

I also head the manufacturing working group at Efficio where we collect, structure, enhance and provide manufacturing-related material. I also regularly conduct interviews with potential candidates. I have some great mentees (like every senior person at Efficio) whom I support in their development. Being the head of training for the German office helps me to identify suitable trainings for individuals before these trainings are even published. 

What I like about Efficio

Firstly, I like our very special culture at Efficio. We are working as a team and every team member helps another to make sure that we are successful together. A team-oriented culture is surely special for a rather “competitive” sector like consulting. This way of working is also embodied with our clients and supports a positive, collaborative atmosphere.

Secondly, having focussed on procurement and supply chain for 20 years now, we have developed a lot of knowledge at Efficio. So, if you have any questions about a specific category, you can always find someone who has purchased this several times and is willing to share their expertise.

And lastly, I appreciate that at Efficio we not only deliver PowerPoints (before moving into consulting I never worked with PowerPoint). We are really delivering results, and this is very satisfying.


My interests are much around outdoor sports such as running, tennis, riding (not regularly anymore due to travelling). Despite (or because of?) travelling a lot for business, I still enjoy getting to know new countries and cultures during my private trips.

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