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Launch event - Procurement 2025: is digital transformation driving more effective procurement?

How can procurement deliver more value, faster, by developing and executing a digital strategy? How can it ensure this value is sustainable – not just short term? What steps should it take in the digital age to achieve greater efficiencies?

Efficio’s major new research study, ‘Procurement 2025: Is digital transformation driving more effective procurement?’, developed in co-operation with Cranfield University has been launched. 
The survey examines how 225 senior procurement professionals from across the globe view the digital procurement landscape and its impact on their organisation. 

Key findings include:

  • Companies believe that a key benefit of technology is allowing more data-driven decision-making in procurement
  • The biggest barriers to harnessing the power of technology is a lack of talent and low levels of supplier support in ensuring new technology and solutions work
  • Rather than investing in new technologies, companies want to make better use of existing technologies

Simon Whatson, Principal at Efficio, and Michael Bernon, Executive Director of Development (SCM) at Cranfield University, opened the evening's discussion with a presentation of the survey findings. This has been followed by a panel discussion focusing on key themes. 

Our panellists

  • Michelle Baker, Chief Procurement Officer, KPN
  • Jason Busch, Founder, Spend Matters
  • Louis Fernandes, Vice President and Country Manager, Basware
  • Niklas Klarnskou, Procurement Technology Director, CRH
  • Aysegul Sabanci, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain, ISG
  • Ian Thompson, Director, Tradeshift
  • Jan Fokke Van Den Bosch, Chief Procurement Officer, HSBC


Read Jason Busch review of the event here.


Benchmark your organisation against our survey data

We are also making the live survey data available via our digital portal. The tool will enable you to analyse responses by industry and geography and drill into the datasets for different questions.



Mind the digital skills gap
Mind the digital skills gap

Technology has the power to revolutionise procurement, but procurement leaders need to ensure they have sufficient digital literacy for this power to be realised.

Efficio's procurement and supply chain predictions for 2020
Efficio's procurement and supply chain predictions for 2020

Efficio shared with Spend Matters its predictions for the key areas within procurement and the supply chain in 2020.

Quantifying the value of technology within procurement

In order to overcome the barriers that compromise the adoption of technology, procurement leaders need to actively question the purpose of technology and who it is being created for.