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Efficio CPO Club

Efficio’s CPO Leadership Club is an invitation-only networking club for CPOs and senior procurement professionals. Getting to the very heart of procurement challenges and opportunities, it has been designed to provide a wealth of insight, expert knowledge exchange, and valuable networking opportunities.

Now more than ever, Procurement is in a great position to drive change within in their company. Companies continue to face a number of challenges across areas such as at cost, risk and compliance, consistency of supply, and supplier relationships. Sometimes it is not always easy to identify which areas need attention and how to solve problems, and this is why the Efficio CPO Leadership Series can serve as an invaluable resource to CPOs.

Efficio's CPO Club provides the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas on the challenges I'm facing. Finding the right environment to do this can often be difficult, particularly internally, as people outside your function often don’t ‘get it’ and are often distracted with their own challenges. The Efficio network provides a safe and intimate environment allowing me to gain insight from my peers who often face similar challenges.

Liz Law, Procurement Director at Royal Mail

Some key topics the Efficio CPO Leadership Series will cover include; overcoming internal obstacles, stakeholder engagement, the first 100 days of the new CPO, and finding savings in the P&L - all of which will be beneficial in the day-to-day role of the CPO and also in reducing the adversity of a continually volatile procurement climate.

With a unique position that allows Procurement to look both at the internal challenges and at the external market trends, now is the perfect time to step up to a wider transformation role.  This leap can prove to be the catalyst for change and transformation within the wider supply chain. This series will provide a wealth of knowledge from procurement experts, and will be useful to every CPO.

By spending time with senior procurement professionals from a wide range of sectors, the CPO Club evenings provide an excellent opportunity to hear different perspectives on common issues which will challenge and stimulate your own thinking. A great source of light bulb moments!

Gareth Mawdesley, Head of Procurement at NFU Mutual

If you would like to register your interest in the CPO Club, please complete the form below.