Rob Johnson, former Global Purchasing Director, Jaguar Land Rover, and Honorary Professor at Nottingham University Business School, discusses his experience in the automotive industry and the industrial revolution as we move from combustion engines to electrification.

In this episode, Rob and host Simon Lipscomb discuss:

  • How to manage the transition to electric vehicles from a supply chain perspective
  • The new supply chains that need to be designed to source a completely different product while keeping the combustion engine running
  • How Rob expects electrification to impact legacy and new entrant manufacturers in different ways
  • Why sourcing the required materials in a sustainable way will lead to a huge revolution in the mining industry
  • How the electronics industry’s shift to Asia in the 80s and 90s will impact electric vehicle sourcing in Europe and the US today
  • The rise of procurement as a crucial board-level topic as business conditions become more difficult
  • The future of procurement, based on the students Rob is interacting with 

Listen to the podcast below: