Paul Ekins OBE, Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy at University College London (UCL) boldly speaks out on sustainability and environmental economics. Paul is one of the most esteemed thinkers in this field and was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2015 New Year Honours for services to environmental policy.

Key discussion points include: 

  • How did Paul become interested in environmental economics and policy?
  • Are economic growth and environmental sustainability congruent?
  • Who is responsible for driving change if the Government and businesses are not sufficiently doing so?
  • What does the future of sustainability look like to Paul?
  • What does biodiversity really mean for life as we know it? 
  • And much more …

Paul Ekins is as outspoken and thought-provoking as he is fascinating and knowledgeable. Don’t miss this lively discussion to better understand the issues, obstacles, and potential solutions in the ongoing struggle to use policy to balance profit with protection for our planet.

Listen to the podcast below:


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