If your business is grappling to meet the GDPR deadline, we can help you.

At Efficio, we have an efficient, cost-effective approach to ensure our clients are GDPR compliant. We have deployed this approach numerous times across multiple clients.

It’s what we do, and we’re highly skilled at it.

So, whether you’re struggling with resource constraints, competing priorities, uncertainty around approach and how to engage suppliers, or whether you just need support with getting started and identifying which contracts are relevant, then contact us. 

With over 400 people in offices around the world, we have the expertise, resources and global reach to support you.

We follow a three-step approach:

  1. Identifying supplier contracts, categorizing them and prioritizing those suppliers that are business critical.
  2. Creating an overarching treatment strategy for each category to determine how each group of contracts is managed – and to inform any subsequent negotiations process.
  3. Negotiating with suppliers on the new GDPR requirements of their contracts.

Our flexible approach means we apply our full resources during steps 1 and 2 but can dial back our services while suppliers are reviewing their contracts, re-engaging during the negotiations process. This ensures you receive a cost-effective service.

GDPR is a significant change to the way companies manage personal data. Failure to ensure your suppliers are compliant could result in severe consequences including substantial fines and penalties, and huge reputational damage.

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