The procurement manager

A day in the life

We take procurement very seriously at Efficio, but it doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously ... 

The procurement manager gets up early; they have a lot to do and are eager to show results. They check the time – naturally skeptical of a single data point, they cross-reference multiple devices – before having a breakfast of branded granola, premium Greek yogurt, and blueberries. They’re great at procurement at work, perhaps less so at home … but sometimes the lowest cost just won’t deliver the desired outcome.  

The morning starts with some cheerful conversation: football, TV shows, the geopolitical confluence of events affecting semi-conductor pricing. Then, grumbles are checked and accounted for: uncooperative suppliers, check. Unresponsive stakeholders, check. Finance not recognising cost avoidance, check-check. However, once at their desk, Excel pops up with a click of a mouse and everything feels better. 

A supplier negotiation looms. Our procurement manager becomes briefly still while emotions are packed away. They check the mirror to ensure not a trace of a smile remains. Inside, they have a warm feeling. They have a lot of leverage today and some pretty reliable market intelligence … 

18% year-on-year saving in the pipeline. Back of the net! They remember that this is not signed off yet though, so they go quiet as the Head of Procurement walks past. That one is known to never forget a number, so a little sandbagging is advisable. 

Lunch time. An expertly constructed “should cost” model has proven beyond doubt that the supermarket meal deal is indeed a very sound investment. 

The afternoon passes largely uneventfully: tender documents are reviewed, and supplier queries are answered. Rumors circle of an in-year savings push, but our procurement manager leaves that to tomorrow’s list of worries. Besides, today is Thursday which means company quiz night (Tuesday evenings are ballroom dancing lessons and, frankly, their Rumba is becoming as polished as their tender documentation). As part of team “procure for one, procure for all”, our procurement manager knows a thing or two about a thing or two and is quietly confident tonight is the night to beat team “Sellfish” (sales, of course). They’re always overconfident – full of bravado but light on content. It should be an easy victory. Procurement always beats sales, right?  

Arriving home in time to see the kids to bed, third position is still smarting (is it really important to know the names of the Spice Girls?). It’s the coming behind both the Sales and Finance teams that is especially tough to take. Finance only counts the beans, after all! They don’t check the providence, secure supply chains, assess the environmental impact, and ensure consistent and reliable supply of the beans. That said, it’s been another long but rewarding day of delivering value, and our procurement manager will reclaim their rightful place ahead of Finance and Sales at next week’s quiz …

But, for now, sleep! 

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