An RFP template built by procurement experts

Building the best RFP for the job has been part of Efficio’s strategic sourcing approach for more than 20 years and having sourced $17 billion+ in spend across many thousands of sourcing initiatives in that time - our RFP approach has truly been tried and tested.

Our RFP template library is frequently refined as we continue to work with global clients to deliver the best value possible for their business. We have Request for Proposal templates ready that cover a huge number of spend categories, all road-tested and improved by our consultants and SMEs. 

To ease the process, we have also developed a simple RFP template, available to all which we believe provides an ideal starting point for any Request for Proposal activity. 


Download our free RFP template

Our RFP template is built by procurement expert and is fully costumizable, according to your needs.