Marina Angrisani


I started my career in consulting after achieving my MBA from Manchester Business School. I joined Efficio following several years at A.T. Kearney.

After having had my go at a experience in the hey-day of the internet bubble, I wanted to go back to a blue-chip consultancy, but without the need to battle through the bureaucracy and politics that large organisations often bring. I was fresh from a small business experience – and I loved the energy and team spirit of that type of environment but needed more career growth and stability in the long term.

What I like about Efficio

Efficio represented the perfect mix of the two worlds, combining strong professionalism and expertise to propel my development, with a very informal, inspiring and energetic culture.

My role

As a Principal at Efficio, I am primarily involved in the delivery of engagements of different sizes across a variety of sectors, and in supporting the company in identifying new client opportunities. This often involves running an Opportunity Assessment where along with our client we identify opportunities for cost reduction as well as advising on Capability Development.  Recently I have been more focused on this area of business development, and have run a number of assessments for a number of Utilities companies as well as for smaller, Private Equity-owned companies

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