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New CPO - The first 100 days checklist

The first 100 days in office can make or break a CPO’s career – it’s crucial to use them wisely.

As a new Chief Procurement Officer, you will want to make an immediate impact, but how you go about this will depend on the priorities of the business and exactly what has been in place before. For the majority, it is likely to be a combination of making immediate cost savings and taking early action to assure the long-term success of the procurement function. 

In view of this, we’ve curated a simple, easy guide to overcome the challenges and achieve optimum success in your first 100 days as a new CPO.

In this guide, you will learn: 

  • How to reposition procurement and structure a team in the way that mirrors the business it serves
  • The effective way to build a team with the right mix of skills for the organization and the right incentives in place to hit key goals
  • Ways to increase spend visibility to generate quick wins and enable procurement to be a source of information and insight into the business
  • How to quickly generate savings and build good, collaborative supplier relationships 

The guide includes a comprehensive checklist highlighting seven key steps for any incoming CPO to achieve both successful procurement and immediate cost savings.


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