As regulation, technology and consumer behaviour continue to evolve at a greater pace than ever before, proactive supply chain improvement is no longer a choice but a necessity.

In the future, supply chains will be neither as long nor as stable as they have been in the past. This means they must be kept under constant review and businesses must be more agile to respond to sudden and unexpected change. Businesses will need to be able to simulate a wide range of scenarios and analyse and understand the resulting outputs. This includes accurately analysing their current dependencies and links to critical markets around the world.

They should have a clear understanding of their supply chain and continuously adapt processes to extract the maximum benefit from innovative technology (including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics), changing cost structures, evolving consumer preferences, and emerging social, economic and environmental risks.

Service summary

Efficio provides delivery of services, not just advice. From strategic insight to execution, we help our clients to identify, deliver and sustain improvement opportunities across their supply chains through three client-centric deployment models:

  1. A rapid deep-dive opportunity assessment to identify top priority focus areas
  2. Expert supply chain consulting to execute rapid, measurable benefits in key elements of the supply chain
  3. Managed services, where we work alongside the internal supply chain function to drive long-term benefit


Deep and broad offering:  We can support your supply chain improvement journey from strategic insight to execution, from identifying supply chain opportunities to benefits delivery and tracking, and from consulting engagements to ongoing managed services. Our focused supply chain consulting services are aligned to the core elements of the supply chain including S&OP, logistics and distribution, warehousing and material flows, and end-to-end supply chain transformation.

Performance-led:  We regularly support clients with detailed performance-focused analytics to identify, prioritise and execute their top supply chain opportunities. Our delivery is supported by a suite of tools and techniques including a world-class supply chain diagnostic framework, logistics and inventory visualisation tools and management processes, classroom training, and an extensive suite of integrated supply chain tools.

Technology-enabled:  We continuously look for opportunities to improve the efficiency and impact of our analysis by leveraging our proprietary technology platform and analytics modules. Efficio has the in-house capability, through our dedicated digital team, to rapidly develop custom-built tools to address our clients’ top priority challenges, linking in directly with the existing ERP infrastructure where necessary.

Significant experience

Our experts have worked with businesses for nearly 20 years to deliver value across the supply chain and through procurement. We have experience in the public and private sector, from manufacturing to utilities. Notable results achieved include:

  • Improving line side material availability by 46% in a manufacturing company
  • Re-engineering all supply chain management processes in a merger to achieve a 20% efficiency target in a utilities company
  • Delivering an implementation plan for €1m cash release based on a detailed inventory review of slow-moving and obsolete stock items across 480 locations in six weeks for a tier one distributor
  • Achieving 19% savings through network optimisation and sourcing a 3PL provider for a pharmaceutical company.

We have unparalleled supply chain expertise and industry experience across a range of sectors and a diverse client base from blue-chip, multinational, private equity companies to SME clients.
With an employee base made up of over 40 nationalities, our people are routinely deployed around the globe enabling us to support our clients with local teams on the ground and demonstrating our significant success at cross-border execution.