In the fast-paced High Tech and Telecoms sector companies need to be acutely focused on innovation and the continually evolving supply landscape to maintain their competitive edge.

Mergers and acquisitions fuelled by the current levels of market saturation and subsequent price erosion are common. Efficio provides expert support during periods of change and consolidation to help clients streamline processes and to drive efficiency. We are skilled at navigating complex organizations, which often lack coordination between Procurement units operating across various business divisions and countries, to optimize costs in all key spend areas .

Our expertise

Efficio works with companies at all stages of the lifecycle to implement cost-reduction programs that deliver both in-year savings as well as longer term step-change. We have supported technology companies like O2, Philips, Nokia, NXP and Fujitsu to help procure a broad mix of categories, including production and non-production materials, and services such as IT Hardware and Software as well as IT Services and Marketing.

How we work

Growth agendas mean Procurement teams in the High Tech and Telecoms sector often lack the platform and governance mechanisms to work in an integrated manner with budget holders. Efficio works with in-house Procurement teams and with business stakeholders to achieve a comprehensive transformation of the procurement processes. This includes:

  • Helping CPOs to deliver savings
  • Embedding Strategic Sourcing processes
  • Up-skilling internal teams
  • Introducing eSourcing and eProcurement  

We address highly technical spends that require seamless integration with functions like Engineering and IT, intelligently engaging these functions while also presenting credible purchase bundles to suppliers.

Often, a firm may recognize the value of outsourcing the management of certain categories but lack the resources to develop framework agreements with new suppliers. Efficio’s knowledge of the ever-increasing complexity of products, services and purchase bundles enables us to build sound commercial frameworks on your behalf.

We will help to future-proof your business against market fluctuations and developments by locking in price transparency, setting up new framework agreements and ensuring that the necessary industry regulations are complied with.