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Spend Analytics

eFlow Spend Analytics is a full-service insight-driven solution to managing spend.

This solution is based on 15+ years of experience working closely with clients to provide insight into spend to make better sourcing and category management discussions. Our solution not only classifies and visualizes spend but utilizes our procurement consulting team to find true insight in the data. eFlow Spend Analytics can be adapted to incorporate as many data sources as necessary and can be updated as often as necessary. 

eFlow Spend Analytics will provide a single repository of spend data seen through a procurement lens to help to find opportunities:


Typical challenges

Spend data is difficult to consolidate across ERP systems or countries
Classification often poorly structured with limited transparency; started from scratch every time
Difficult to collaborate to produce a consistent overall classification, especially between entities; collecting and synthesising from various people is difficult
No standard global spend visibility platform to view analysis; analyzes are often time consuming to create
Finalised data not adequately leveraged to drive insight


Our solution

Upload unlimited data sources from any ERP or Finance system as often as necessary
eFlow generates suggestions based on previously completed classifications
Cloud-based platform allows collaboration in real-time, making it accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world
Visualization engine built in; meaning more time can be spent analyzing rather than creating using a series of standard views with the ability to create your own at the touch of a button
Our consulting support service is on hand to provide the insight to drive better decision-making

Key benefits

Building a spend analytics capability is critical to monitor spend, compliance and ongoing management of suppliers

Classification engine leverages Efficio’s experience
Classification engine leverages Efficio’s experience

Spend Analytics leverages over $130bn in spend classification experience to generate suggestions for allocating spend to categories with data becoming more accurate with each refresh

Intuitive classification structure
Intuitive classification structure

Our classification structure is built for procurement professionals by procurement experts to ensure the output is intuitive and easily understandable by all

A single version of the data
A single version of the data

A single version can be updated by all the relevant stakeholders where you can own and take control of the classification

Built for all data sizes and sources
Built for all data sizes and sources

Easy to take multiple sources and link relevant fields of information

Visualization tailored to your specific needs
Visualization tailored to your specific needs

Whether it is a specific taxonomy or bespoke visuals, you receive an output tailored to whatever is relevant to you

Insight at your fingertips
Insight at your fingertips

Our team of Analytics experts can help you to find the available insights in the data