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Performance Management

Performance Management is all about savings and KPI tracking.

Taking feeds from Spend Analytics and Supplier Relationship Management, Performance Management tracks realized savings based on collecting detailed usage information either from ERP or directly from suppliers. This module also empowers users to track KPIs,  item and supplier compliance to ensure you are getting the most out of the current contracts in place. This module provides CPOs and CFOs with the comfort that savings identified through the sourcing phase are being delivered to the P&L.

Performance Management (PM) facilitates the tracking of actual savings and KPIs as well as supplier and item-level compliance:


Typical challenges

Savings identified through sourcing phase cannot be tracked through the P&L
KPIs not being tracked or actively used to manage suppliers even though they are contractually obligated to provide them
Compliance on non-core items and non-contracted suppliers difficult to track


Our solution

Enables item-level tracking of actual spend to track realized savings and provide the basis for taking steps for any corrective action
KPIs are tracked within the system; dashboards guide users to missed KPIs and failing suppliers
Link to Spend Analytics helps to find non-compliance supplier spend
Item level data helps to show new items or non-catalogue items which may require further sourcing efforts

Key benefits

eFlow Performance Management allows monitoring of actual savings, compliance and KPIs in real time and highlights opportunities to improve the service quality

Seamlessly track contractual information
Seamlessly track contractual information

Built to track automatically against contractual information in SLM module using native mapping structures / Supports in-life modifications to ensure current item information throughout the contract

Show delivered bottom-line value of your procurements
Show delivered bottom-line value of your procurements

Quantify actual savings rather than the 'paper savings' identified at contract signing / Monitor purchase price as well as testing any tender quantity assumptions

Reverse-engineers payment process to drive compliance
Reverse-engineers payment process to drive compliance

Know if you bought the right items at the right price from the right suppliers through periodic ERP or supplier uploads / Reconcile the invoice amounts with the periodic uploads for self-billing and to ensure the coherence of your spend analysis

Measures all relevant KPIs and SLAs
Measures all relevant KPIs and SLAs

Create a full scorecard of KPI and SLA performance through file uploads / Performance against contractual agreements is analyzed, with all breaches highlighted

Monitor the supplier transition
Monitor the supplier transition

Track use of previous incumbent or non-preferred suppliers by linking to Spend Analytics