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A day in the life of an Efficio Consultant

Robyn Loubser


I joined Efficio straight from University in 2015 after studying Engineering at Cambridge. After hearing from one of my friends who had applied about what Efficio does, the company values and the travel involved, I knew I wanted to join! However, what has made working at Efficio a truly unforgettable experience is the people you work with. I have made lifelong friendships and getting along with the people you work with does make a big difference.

I’m currently based in Canada working for an insurance company in the heart of Toronto. I typically fly into the city for a 3 week period, with one week in London in between trips. This isn’t a typical project – normally consultants are based at the client site Monday to Thursday and spend Fridays in the office. Although I do miss London at times, being based at the client site enables you to spend more time with the client, explore the area and get to know your colleagues a bit better. Being in the same time zone as the rest of the team also helps as it is easier to plan meetings and speak to the team without disturbing their sleep or mine!

We have been working with this client for over a year now – the first wave of direct categories finished in August 2016 but we are now working on a second wave of indirect categories, including Print & Post, the category I am working on, led by one of our managers.

Here’s a quick example of some of the typical activities on a Friday in Toronto:

6.30am: Wake up and head to the gym!

If I’ve not been working late the night before I will typically try to go to the gym in the morning (being on a project is generally not very good for your waistline thanks to all the restaurants and good food). A quick morning gym session means that I don’t have to buy new, bigger, clothes every few months. Whilst there, I check my emails to check what has happened in London overnight and reply to any that are urgent.

Robyn and the team at a Toronto Maple Leafs game

8.30am: Arrive at client site

We tend to arrive at the office by 8.30am, picking up some breakfast on the way. My particular favourite is the avocado toast and latte from IQ Food- highly recommended! Luckily, the hotel is next to the office so we don’t have to leave too early. Once I get to the office, I spend a few minutes responding to any emails and catching up with my compatriots across the Atlantic.

9am: Sharing platform

Once a week we hold a sharing platform with all team members. This is an opportunity to get an update across all categories. For example, last week one team member shared the business case that forms the core of the category strategy. This is also a useful time for team members to raise any issues or concerns to get the input from the rest of the team.

10.30am: Savings tracking meeting

Everyone in our team has a secondary role which varies from Communications Officer to Social Secretary to PMO Support. My personal extra duties are encompassed under the title of Savings Cruncher: I am responsible for reporting savings for the first wave of categories to the client every month. In addition, I am tasked with calculating the savings ramp-up for the wave 2 categories. During this meeting, we might discuss a new method of savings tracking that the client would like to develop and how we can support this.

11am: Client meeting

Most Fridays, I’m straight into another meeting with the key client stakeholders in which I discuss opportunities for progression and the different issues and aspects we need to consider in our business case.

12.30pm: Lunch

Over lunch our minds turn to the weekend to plan what we are going to do. This weekend we are heading to Montreal as it is a bank holiday in Ontario on Monday so it is the perfect opportunity to take a day off. We have used our off-shore location as a base for a number of excursions around Canada, visiting Canada’s Wonderland, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, and the local skiing sites, as well as some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs whilst we are here!

1pm: Data analysis

Straight after lunch I work on a business case for outsourcing one aspect of print that is done in-house. This considers different data sets received from the client and client meetings that have taken place.

Robyn and the team visiting the Niagra Falls

2pm: Internal catch-up

Once a week I have a 1-1 meeting with the Project Manager to discuss the project and any issues I am having. I also take the opportunity to update the PM on my category, including anything he needs to be aware of from the past week and any key actions for the week ahead.

3pm: Preparation for meetings next week

After the meeting, it is time to get ready for next week’s up-coming meetings; sending out agendas, preparing presentation decks and doing any required analysis.  

Every Monday, we have an internal weekly catch-up for the category, so I prepare the weekly status report that will need to be presented for discussion during the meeting.

Every Tuesday, we meet with all the Print & Post category stakeholders, so the category lead and I decide our agenda and prepare any slides that are relevant or will spark conversation amongst the group.

7pm: Dinner

Dinner is usually organised by the Social Secretary of the team, or whoever has least on their plate that day. Toronto has a pretty great foodie scene – so with a little bit of organisation we get to try somewhere we haven’t been before, or somewhere that we know is very good. However, if it’s a particularly busy time for us we head to the hotel restaurant or a restaurant near the office for what normally ends up being Toronto’s Famous Chicken Wings!

9.30pm: End of week celebration!

We have a great team atmosphere so after our dinner we usually head off to a bar or, as with this weekend, straight to Toronto Island airport to fly to Montreal!