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Rita RomeiroSenior Technology Manager

What attracted me to Efficio?

After spending almost six years in a large technology company, I felt the need for a new and exciting challenge. Efficio was in the process of forming a technology team when I first learned of the role and I was immediately attracted to the possibility of being able to help build, shape and integrate the team. The company’s technology vision also indicated that this was a place where people are encouraged to develop their own ideas, which I found very appealing. There’s a very real opportunity to make an impact. Since then, Efficio Digital has grown rapidly and now plays a key part in the way the company delivers savings and maintains relationships with its clients.

My role

I joined Efficio in 2015 as a Technology Consultant in the early stages of the design process for eFlow, Efficio’s proprietary technology platform designed to support the overall procurement lifecycle. As a technology consultant, a good part of my time is dedicated to an incredible and enthusiastic team of procurement consultants, technology consultants, developers and testers who work together to ensure we are developing a sustainable procurement solution. Aside from solution design and overseeing application development work, I liaise with both the wider business and our clients to support application releases, ensuring Efficio Digital can deliver real value to the business. Efficio has a great tradition in procurement and in putting processes in place to ensure that all clients can benefit from the value we deliver. Combining those with Efficio Digital mission, the outputs always seem to be faster, clearer and better results. 

Why I enjoy life at Efficio

For me, it’s the thrill of being part of such creative and process-challenging team as Efficio Digital. The constant challenges associated with application development and shaping a growing team is easily balanced by the friendly atmosphere and the strong sense of teamwork and companionship that is company-wide. Efficio has one of the most multicultural and diverse environments I have ever worked in; with a great pool of talented people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Although the company is growing rapidly, Efficio keeps its values and encourages everyone to share their expertise and ideas. They also hold monthly social events, which help us keep in touch with all our colleagues and welcome the new ones.