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Omar IslamManager

What attracted me to Efficio

Having spent over 3 years as an automotive engineer, I decided it was time for a move to consulting. I was, and still am, attracted to the variety offered through the many projects that Efficio is involved in. I wanted a role where I could keep on learning and continuously develop my skills on the job. Procurement is an integral part of any business and it was clear that with Efficio there would be plenty of scope for me to make a real impact.

My role

I joined Efficio as a Business Analyst and my first client was a big UK insurer. With the help of my team, I was able to adapt and learn quickly to deliver the results needed. My latest project is still focussed around delivery of savings but with the experience I have gained over the years I am now leading teams to reveal insights through analysis, develop sourcing strategies, execute those approaches and negotiate the best deals. Managing the complex nature of any Efficio engagement is a test I relish.

Why I enjoy life at Efficio

The nature of the work provides plenty of opportunities to develop and learn, but it’s the people that make Efficio a great place to be. It’s a pleasure working with so many interesting and intelligent individuals. The company employs people from every corner of the world bringing with it immense depth in experiences. When working on a project, there is always a strong sense of teamwork as each individual collaborates towards the common goal.

This flat structure amongst all the personalities is what sets Efficio apart.