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Nelson MagalhaesManager
I am from Portugal, where I majored in aerospace engineering at IST, with a year at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

I loved my studies and quickly understood that I wanted my work to be focused on management. Before finishing my Masters I worked at Deloitte’s strategy and organisation practice, where I developed an interest for Procurement. I joined Efficio because it allowed me to specialise in Procurement and upgrade the level of projects I work on.  Efficio is a great place to work, combining the agility of a niche company several times smaller than its generalist competitors with the expertise of some of the best consultants I know.

My role

As a Manager I am in a mixed role. Depending on the project, I may work with my client to deliver a specific and complex category, manage a junior Efficio team, or both.  Our typical project is to go to a client, evaluate opportunities and deliver new solutions with proven value. This usually involves the strategic sourcing of a group of categories and the activities range from investigating the best way to address the market, sitting down with the client to evaluate potential solutions and executing a thorough negotiation process to select the most appropriate suppliers.

What I like about Efficio

Besides working in something I believe in the main two reasons why I love working at Efficio are the learning and the people. Every project is a new challenge and involves investigating something new and finding innovative solutions. I love being challenged! But the best, by far, are the people. It’s great to work on something you like, but it’s even better to do it with people who care. Consulting is an intense job and everyone at Efficio has an outstanding sense of team spirit and companionship