Emilio Reina

Vice President

Emilio Reina - Efficio Consulting
Emilio has played a pivotal role in driving global Procurement Transformation programmes since joining Efficio in 2006. His focus on the implementation and sustainability of Sourcing programmes ensures long-term profitability, and he is skilled at delivering results for clients across a broad industry spectrum.


Main areas of practice

Emilio is an expert in Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Process Improvement, Procurement Transformation and eSourcing.


Emilio studied Business and Economics at the Università Commerciale 'Luigi Bocconi' in Milan. He worked in the Finance and Manufacturing industry for five years before moving into management consulting, which he has pursued for the last 16 years.


Emilio specialises in large and medium-size Manufacturing, Hospitality and Logistics groups with global operations.

Significant experience

  • Strategic Sourcing – global engineering company: Managed a sourcing project with a global scope of €422 million, achieving annual savings in excess of 19% of the addressed spend. The project encompassed the extensive introduction of suppliers from low cost countries (i.e. Far East and Eastern Europe) and leveraged on the extensive application of eSourcing tools
  • Procurement Transformation Programme – global manufacturing group: Led an overhaul of the Procurement function through a major Strategic Sourcing project impacting 40% of the total spend of the group and delivering 15% of savings. The programme encompassed redesign, training and introduction of new tools for Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Strategy – global manufacturing company: Managed a major Supply Chain Improvement programme and supported Manufacturing Footprint Optimisation for a multinational company relocating operations to the Far East. The programme delivered fully implemented cost savings in excess of 5% of the total spend through volume bundling, low cost countries sourcing, specification rationalisation and supplier tiering in a highly regulated industry
  • Strategic Sourcing – major restaurant chain (>350 POS): Led an Opportunity Assessment and two waves of Strategic Sourcing initiatives identifying and delivering 11% of savings out of the whole spend in food while increasing quality
  • Procurement Transformation – major hotel chain: Led a major programme to substantially enhance the financial performance of the client, conducting a massive tendering exercise on food, beverages and indirects, driving a saving of 12%
  • Strategic Sourcing – Michelin star restaurant chain: Addressed 80% of the direct spend achieving an average 13% saving; introduced radically new procurement approaches to part of the spend; completely changed the logistic patterns moving to a centralised distribution footprint; introduced a new P2P process which allowed for higher spend visibility, reduced number of invoices and lower costs
  • Procurement Transformation – global logistic operator: addressed 90% of the total spend reducing it by an average 5% on both Ocean and Road Freight

Other expertise

Emilio has a background in eSourcing and has directly ran more than 50 eAuctions. Emilio also delivers training on getting the most out of these tools.

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As well as being a keen mountaineer, Emilio enjoys travelling and exploring new countries, making him well suited to Efficio's international culture.