Daniel Ledin

Consultant 1

Daniel Ledin - Efficio Consulting

Career background 

I joined Efficio as a Business Analyst in 2019 from multinational consumer goods company, Unilever, where I gained hands on experience solving supply chain issues (and eating ice cream). I studied a bachelor’s in international business from Copenhagen Business School, before going on to obtain a master’s in management at ESCP Europe, experiencing one year in Paris and one year in London, which was packed with invaluable experiences that come from studying abroad. 

My role

Being a Consultant at Efficio involves taking on a range of different roles and responsibilities. During my last year and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to work on four exciting projects across four different industries (Port Operations, Financial Services, Oil & Biodiesel Manufacturing and Insurances) and three countries (Denmark, UK and Finland). Despite the different settings, the core activities remain the same: build strong relationships and strategies to implement in collaboration with Efficio colleagues, the client team and the suppliers.

What I like about Efficio

Being part of Efficio is like a rocket journey – it’s fast, fun and seriously rewarding in terms of the experiences you get and the life-lasting skills that you develop.


When I’m not building PowerPoint slides or writing formulas, I also enjoy playing amateur football, cooking Mediterranean food and travelling to new cities. 

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