Charlotte Schiolko


Charlotte Schiolko

Career background 

I joined Efficio back in October 2016 as one of the first employees to start in our German office in Düsseldorf. 

After completing my MSc of Supply Chain Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, I started my career as a Business Analyst at Accenture working in the Aerospace and Defense industry optimising procurement processes. A bit more than 1.5 years later, I wanted to get to know some other industries and decided to switch companies including a move from the very nice (but rainy) Hamburg to Düsseldorf where I joined the then, much smaller German Efficio team. 

My role

Since joining Efficio, I have worked on many different projects ranging from rapid three-week OAs to long-term procurement transformation projects and a lot in-between. I have mostly worked on projects in Germany and German-speaking countries, but I have also been on international engagements in the US Canada as well as Eastern Europe (e.g. Hungary, Croatia, Latvia). 

As a Manager, I get to enjoy a wide range of different tasks and normally have my own workstream and mostly small team which supports me. In addition, I am able to support firm building and business development activities such developing and delivering trainings, doing candidate interviews, supporting client proposals etc.

I also have an extra internal role as the local training liaison for Düsseldorf, which means that I am in close contact with our central Efficio Academy team in London to coordinate and organise trainings for our staff in Düsseldorf – both consulting and managed services. In addition to that, I am also part of our internal comms team and support the Efficio Women's Network in organising local events and workshops for our female employees in Germany.

What I like about Efficio

What I really like about Efficio is that I have the opportunity to experience and get to know so many different things. I have been on many different projects in very different industries (from Automotive to Casinos) in various locations. It’s always been fun, with amazing colleagues and a steep learning curve. 


Even though I travel for business nearly every week, I still love to travel and explore the world – a long summer vacation travelling different countries is a must! Otherwise I enjoy rowing, meeting friends or just having a nice spa day at the local swimming pool. 

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