Benedict Tyers


Benedict Tyers - Efficio Consulting

Career background 

I have been at Efficio for four years. Prior to that I worked at Accenture and I started my career at Honda where I learned about Procurement. I have a degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick, and a certification in Business Strategy from INSEAD. I am learning French in my spare time – I have almost completed the Harry Potter series en francais.

My role

Manager in the Consulting practice. My work at Efficio has covered many different clients and projects, including implementing a digital product at a water company, sourcing projects at various clients, and implementing Category Management in a major Government department
I lead the Category Management community, am a member of the Gender Diversity Steering Board, and give training on building presentations and presenting with impact.

What I like about Efficio

My favourite part of Efficio is the culture and I believe this is why people stay at the company. There is a focus on an individual’s needs that I haven’t seen replicated in other similar firms. The people are also very welcoming and there are regular opportunities to socialise, whether it’s the weekly pub trip or the monthly company reviews. 
My experience is that the work we do can be very interesting and diverse. Both in terms of what we do, and who we do it for. Efficio consultants get the opportunity to get a breadth of experience but also deep-dive on specific areas as they see fit. 
Efficio is also very keen to support the growth of its consultants and will regularly put people into roles outside of their comfort zone – with support – to challenge them. There is also a full suite of relevant training built up with experience over the past 20 years of the company. I’ve grown a lot in my time at Efficio, both professionally and personally, and I’m grateful to my mentors and the Learning & Development team for giving me support throughout.


I am a keen sportsman and play hockey, squash, football, and golf when I get the opportunity.
I’m an avid reader, and during the Coronavirus lockdown I recorded an audiobook of the Hobbit for my friends and family and I am now excited for my next project.

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