Alessandra Spreafico

Senior Manager

Alessandra Spreafico - Efficio Consulting

Career background

I joined Efficio in 2017 after moving to London from Milan where I worked as a Management Consultant in supply chain and procurement. I have a Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering from the University of Bergamo. I am a native Italian, fluent in English and currently learning Spanish. 

My role

During my time at Efficio, I have worked on a variety of projects with clients spanning multiple industries, including Financial Services, Fashion, Automotive and Technology, across the UK, Italy and the US.

I am currently a Senior Manager in the Consulting practice, so my main responsibilities include leading projects to a successful completion and taking ownership of client relationships. Clients engagements usually start with an Opportunity Assessment, where I lead the team in identifying opportunities to optimise the client’s cost base and organisational structure, which is then followed by the Project phase, where the team implements and delivers the optimisation opportunities identified. A crucial part of a Senior Manager’s role is to ensure everyone has the skills required to succeed and, if not, it is key to ensure my team has access to dedicated training sessions and learning opportunities.

Business Development is also part of my work, leveraging my experience in preparing proposals and delivering pitches to a variety of clients.

What I like about Efficio

Efficio’s main strength is in its people. Efficio attracts exceptionally smart, talented and international individuals, fostering a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. 

There is a strong focus on individual’s needs and Efficio is very keen to support the growth of its consultants by pushing them outside of their comfort zone – always with the adequate support to succeed. I have grown a lot and have been given a variety of opportunities since joining. I have also witnessed an interest and respect for individuals that I haven’t experienced or seen in other companies.


I love to travel as much as I can. I leverage any occasion to explore new places in the world, through holidays, work or volunteering. My passion for exploring new countries goes well with the one for local cuisine, which makes me a good source for dishes and restaurant recommendations.

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