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Efficio completes complex UKAR contracts transition

26 Sep 2016


Efficio, the procurement experts, today announced the conclusion of an 18 month Managed Procurement Services project with UKAR which concluded in successfully transferring UKAR’s mortgage servicing business to Computershare Mortgage Services Limited.

The resulting outsourcing agreement covers the management of £30bn of mortgage assets and the deal involved the transfer of 1,700 UKAR employees to Computershare Mortgage Services limited.

The Efficio team supported UKAR’s core negotiation team with the development of the outsourcing agreement by engaging with key stakeholders to document the in-scope services and identify the delineation of roles and responsibilities for the target operating model.  Efficio also played a key role in the complex contract treatment exercise required to support the transaction, including providing a detailed review of all in-force contracts and identifying and supporting the implementation of the required contract treatment strategies.

In addition to supporting the transaction, Efficio also provided business-as-usual procurement support and delivered customised training programmes and spend analytics.

This has been an exciting project, working to ensure all business processes continued during such a complex transition. Our managed services proposition enables us to work closely with our clients over the longer term, building strong client relationships and a deep understanding of the underlying issues. This approach, coupled with powerful technology enable us to ensure that we fully implement change programmes that deliver lasting and sustainable results.

Melaye Ras-Work, Vice President at Efficio

For more information please contact:

Lindsay Vetch / Christian Mahne, Vetch Mahne +44 (0) 20 3488 3100 / efficio@vetchmahne.com
Marianne McAlindon, Efficio +44 (0) 20 7550 5687 marianne.mcalindon@efficioconsulting.com 


Click here to view the release on Business Wire.

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