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local content procurement

Local Content and In Country Value (ICV) in the GCC region in 2019 and beyond

This webinar is designed to provide insight for procurement staff at the operational end of localising their supply chains, and business development managers charged with winning work in an environment where local content is an important differentiator

food grocery

Vegan, organic and sustainable: The impact of new consumer trends on meat and dairy procurement

Today’s more discerning consumer wants to know where their food comes from, how it was made, and the subsequent impact on the environment. But what does this mean for meat and dairy procurement?

rapid savings

Webinar: Is rapid in-year benefits delivery from sourcing the new norm?

Efficio discusses how leading procurement organisations are addressing changing business requirements to deliver sourcing benefits faster through a range of approaches.


Kraft Heinz procurement staff 'engaged in misconduct'

Simon Whatson has been quoted in a news story by Supply Management called “Kraft Heinz procurement staff ‘engaged in misconduct’”.


Government crackdown on late payers who breach the PPC

Mark Bevan, principal at Efficio, comments on the UK Government’s recent decision to suspend big-name businesses from the Prompt Payment Code (PCC).

chart 5 year vision

Achieving the five-year digital transformation vision

If strategic suppliers are to play an increasingly important role, selecting these partners through high-quality strategic sourcing processes will be critical.

global map

Digital procurement: an overview of geographical differences

Where procurement functions are now, and where they are heading, particularly in terms of digital transformation, how businesses are using technology to enhance their processes, and the barriers to technology delivering the expected benefits.


Three Lessons From Kraft Heinz's Procurement Mistakes

Kraft Heinz recently announced a $15bn impairment and dividend cut of more than 30%. It’s difficult to see how procurement can support the business achieve the “sustainable, profitable growth” which Hees was targeting.

ELM infrastructure
Case Study

Moving up the value chain: transforming procurement at Elm

Moving from a transactional focus to a strategic one is a major challenge for many procurement teams. Efficio helped transform Elm’s procurement function into a strategic partner, while adding significant and rapid value to the business.

data image

Efficio on transforming the face of procurement

In a rather revealing three-part series over on our US site, global procurement consultancy firm Efficio tackles the age-old problem of ‘making it easier to do business with procurement.