Women in Procurement Network

Efficio’s Women in Procurement Network is a go-to network for women from around the world working in Procurement and Supply Chain professionals. 

As part of this network, we run an interactive workshop series. These events provide a great opportunity to network and engage in conversation  around key procurement topics. 

Previous speakers and topics include:

  • Victoria Mallinckrodt, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Manager at World Economic Forum and Andrea Fimian, CEO/Founder at fips consulting, on the topic: 'Supplier Diversity- what is it and why do companies do it?'
  • Michelle Fargen, Global Head of Procurement and Sustainable Sourcing at Croda Europe Ltd, on the topic: 'How to create a forum for women to connect, mentor, be mentored and seek advice within our organisations'
  • Morag Stuart, Director General Commercial at Defence Equipment & Support, on the topic: 'Using your Buying Power to Change the Diversity Balance of your Supply Chain'

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