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GDPR workshop registration

The GDPR legislation coming into force in May 2018 will impose a number of additional duties on those who control and process personal data. It also includes a number of new enforcement powers and increased fines in respect of breaches.

As part of this legislation, companies must ensure that their suppliers are aware of and comply with the new regulations. This will require a review of hundreds, even thousands of third party contracts, as well as making contact with suppliers, communicating new GDPR compliant terms of business and handling the resulting legal or commercial negotiations.

Efficio has developed a structured methodoloy for accelerating the GDPR workstream. We are currently working with a range of clients who do not have a structured approach or resources in place to carry out the required GDPR contract remediation programme. 

For a limited period, we are offering a complimentary 1-2-1 one hour workshop for companies who would like to understand how our clients are approaching GDPR and best practices for ensuring that processes are put in place, on time. 

Register now