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OnTrack is a cost management application, providing a central hub within a supply chain to operate, manage and analyse the commercial performance of contracts.

Through integration with stakeholder systems and processes, OnTrack becomes the single repository of all comprehensive cost information associated with a spend programme.


Typical challenges

- Low quality of data and visibility of spend, both past and forecasted, across programmes of projects fosters reactive decision-making

- Skilled staff spend significant amounts of time on ‘non-value-adding’ activities consolidating, transforming and analysing data

- Adversarial supplier relationships prevail as a consequence of multiple variants of the same data held locally 

- Inconsistent and non-standard cost capture makes like-for-like macro analysis across a portfolio difficult


Our solution

- Data consolidation and validation directly from suppliers' cost systems aggregates quality assured data and brings forward the point of visibility

- Automation of data acquisition, analysis, and workflow tools reduces the amount of time required for ‘data management’ enabling more time spent with ‘value-adding’ activities

- A single source of data and the truth fosters collaborative working practices and minimises any commercial friction by reconciling costs in real time rather than retrospectively

- Consistent data capture is an enabler for more sophisticated data analysis, modelling and insight, driving efficiencies throughout a supply chain

Key benefits

OnTrack helps to improve commercial outcomes through:

Automation of definable tasks
Automation of definable tasks

Enhanced visibility and granularity of spend, value and performance
Enhanced visibility and granularity of spend, value and performance

Forward-looking analysis, substantiated by factual information
Forward-looking analysis, substantiated by factual information