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Why Should You Choose Efficio Procurement Experts | Efficio UK

We have built a reputation as The Procurement Experts.

Our expertise is evident in the breadth and depth of our capability, from strategic insight to execution, from indirect services to direct materials and Capex costs, and from focused consulting engagements to ongoing managed services.

Our capability is further enhanced by eFlow, our in-house technology platform. eFlow transforms the way we think about, deliver and manage categories beyond the traditional sourcing process, helping us support you in executing effective sustainable change.

In a market that includes the global consulting houses, boutique supply chain firms, and BPO outsourcing providers, we are different because we focus on procurement.

We take action rather than provide advice, we deploy experts rather than generalists and we deliver results, not reports.

Our difference

Efficio differentiates itself in the market in five ways:

1. Unparalleled expertise

We are a specialist procurement business that has built up significant knowledge and expertise in all aspects of procurement costs over many years – from direct and indirect spend categories to capital expenditure – across a range of sectors and geographies.

2. People, knowledge, technology

Our Procurement Engine deployment model gives you access to the on-demand expertise and know-how of our 400+ consultants, in combination with our proprietary procurement technology platform eFlow. Our technology is built and deployed by practitioners who fully understand the needs and challenges you face.

3. Working together in partnership

We don’t just advise, we work with you to deliver results, recognising that you want to see measurable and sustainable ROI savings quickly.

4. Paid on results

Our fees are directly linked to the results we achieve, demonstrating the enormous confidence we have in our expertise and delivery capability. 

5. An eye on the future

Our dual focus on financial results and the transfer and build-up of knowledge and capability within your procurement team is key to long-term self-sufficiency and savings sustainability.


We are frequently recognised for the quality and impact of our work.